KYC Procedures

The company's policies demand certain KYC (Know Your Client) procedures to register on our sites: and

Registration requires certain id documents:

The project's support may ask the client to provide extra documents to check and verify the information above. This list includes, but is not limited to: a utility bill, a copy of bank statement or a copy of a recommendation letter from the bank.

One more KYC procedure that the Project demands is identifying the source of clients' deposited funds. To deposit with a bank card, clients are obliged to provide a scanned copy or a photo of both sides of the card. The front side of the card should contain the following information: Cardholder's full name, valid-thru date, the first six and the last four digits of the card number (the remaining digits should be covered). The backside should contain the cardholder's signature, but the CVC2/CVV2 code should be safely covered. It is not allowed to deposit funds with instant (impersonal) bank cards that have no cardholder's name on them.

To check and verify the information of funds source the Project support usually requests and scrutinizes data on clients' employment status and profession. The Project personnel may request extra data and documents that verify this occupation/profession that can be considered necessary in this situation, such as related documents like contracts, bank statements, recommendation letter from the employer or employment company, etc.

Bank wire is only available from the client's own account. No deposits from any third-party accounts are allowed.

The next step of the Project's KYC procedures is manual verification of all the accounts that are used to deposit funds for an amount equal to or exceeding 1000 (one thousand) USD. All the documents provided for these accounts are verified manually, extra information is requested if necessary.

One more obligatory KYC procedure is a phone interview for all the clients who deposit 1000 USD or more; it is required to verify some extra information.

When a client cannot or does not wish to provide the required information, or provides inaccurate information, the Project management has the right to close all of his/her accounts and refuse to provide the services.

This website operates as a back-office administrative resource of online projects and The projects specialize in services of exchanging various trading assets, including cryptocurrencies. We offer all the necessary software to provide services for conducting conversion operations.

Our projects do not offer services of managing clients' funds and do not provide any guarantees that the client's actions and decisions will lead to any profits.

This online source is managed by the legal body:


Our services do not imply any direct delivery of assets involved in conversion operations; they are processed according to the terms of margin trading and serve as operations with over-the-counter CFD contracts.

This type of operations involves high risks, so we emphasize the utter importance of learning all the theory and practice of margin trading before processing such conversion operations.

Please note that our projects do not provide services to the citizens of the following countries: USA, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

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