Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Unlawful monetization and money laundering is legalization of criminal money funds through international financial institutions, which include broker companies and currency exchange markets.

Using non-bank financial institutions allows to hide illegal sources of funds and involve them into money turnover under the guise of legal capital.

To prevent cooperation with persons interested in dealing with illegal property, Larson and Holz, due to the legislation, do not take part in intentionally illegal money and credit operations deliberately.



Our anti-money laundering policy includes obligatory identification of our clients by providing identity verification documents, which are passport or other national identifying documents that contain person’s full name, date and place of birth, number and validity period. Passport or its high quality copy submission is obligatory for both entering into contract relationships with the Company and for funds withdrawal. Until the required documents are submitted the trade account cannot be activated and funds depositing is not available.

Relevant documents for client’s identity verification also include:

Larson and Holz may demand information on the client’s funds source (which can be processed via e-mail or by phone);

In case the client refuses to submit the information described above or deliberately submits misleading information, the Company retains the right to refuse to provide services to this client and close the client’s existing account.

Additional information

Funds deposit and withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal procedures are processed due to established standards and require availability of the account owner’s passport or its digital copy and full compliance of passport data to the information in the Company’s data base. In case of personal data changes client should inform the Company on his or her new passport data for adding them to the data base. In case of data inconsistences, Larson and Holz may refuse to process funds deposit or funds withdrawal until updated information is provided in established manner.

Trading accounts can be used solely for operations with financial instruments. The Company's accounts cannot be used as transitive. In case the Company suspects illegitimate exploitation of its services it has the right to demand additional information from the client. The Company may refuse to provide its services to this client and compulsorily close his or her account. In this case funds withdrawal can be processed only to a bank account with the client’s personal details. Electronic funds transfer can be limited or cancelled.

You are welcome to contact the Larson and Holz support team if any questions emerge.

This website operates as a back-office administrative resource of online projects and The projects specialize in services of exchanging various trading assets, including cryptocurrencies. We offer all the necessary software to provide services for conducting conversion operations.

Our projects do not offer services of managing clients' funds and do not provide any guarantees that the client's actions and decisions will lead to any profits.

This online source is managed by the legal body:


Our services do not imply any direct delivery of assets involved in conversion operations; they are processed according to the terms of margin trading and serve as operations with over-the-counter CFD contracts.

This type of operations involves high risks, so we emphasize the utter importance of learning all the theory and practice of margin trading before processing such conversion operations.

Please note that our projects do not provide services to the citizens of the following countries: USA, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

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